Are those research chemicals approved?!
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Purchase of research chemicals needs due diligence.

Among things which must be considered in assessing the qualities of research chemicals: Is this research chemical approved ?

Take care in assessing the use of your research chemicals. Your well being and health, and those of your family and employees, may be at risk.

Steps to be taken or points taken into account:

(i)Check online forums for information.;

(ii) Remember that although substances can legally be distributed by classifying them as research chemicals they have only that approval. Not the approval to be taken into the body in any form;

(iii) Some distributors and outlets are dishonest and sell material of dubious quality. Be very wary of what they say, particularly online;

(iv) Even with reputable vendors independent testing of product is expensive and the distributor may only have the manufacturer's assurance of quality;

Purchase of research chemicals is a process which is not rushed. Due to the great variety of research chemicals available it is sensible to take your time before parting with your money.

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